Welcome to WJASR (Budding Author Friendly Journal)



WJASR being a new journal is not eligible for indexing yet.

Hence at present WJASR is a non Pubmed and a non Indexed journal.


Benefits of Publishing with WJASR-

     1. Rapid peer review process        

    2. Journal allows authors to additionally nominate two reviewers of their choice

    3. Decision on your article within one week

    4. Certificate of Acceptance given to authors

    5. Fast Publication Process (Publishing within one week of acceptance)

    6. Lowest processing fees for original research

    7. Individual author elegant e-certificate of publication


     Reasons for publishing in academic journals

        1. Career progression – moving up to the next rung on the ladder.

        2. Gaining recognition for work you have done.

        3. Stopping someone else taking credit for your work or using your materials.

        4. Personal satisfaction of completing a new goal.

        5. Setting yourself a new challenge.


Sample Certificate of Acceptance


Sample Certificate of Publication