Corona, Stress And Bruxism-The Triad


  • Dr. Arpita Upadhyay


The corona virus pandemic has been the largest health adversity to hit the human race since the Spanish flu and large scale panic and skyrocketing stress levels are collateral damage of the same. Bruxism has widely been considered a red flag as far as stress and mental health issues are concerned.

This article deals with correlating the triad of Bruxism,stress and the Corona virus and the role that the dentist plays in the current scenario. Drug dependence, disturbances in sleeping patterns, bouts of aggression, increased cases of depression and increase in the number of cases calling into suicide helplines have all been on the rise during the corona pandemic. Stress and bruxism go hand in hand, and this has seen a steady decline as well. To assess bruxism and refer patients to the necessary mental health care providers is an important role that the dentist will play in the coming months and this article tries to highlight this particular role.




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